WEX Global 2019: Where minds meet and innovation thrives

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WEX Global 2019 is back this year in Portugal from March 4-6th. Along with personal exchanges between delegates in the fields of water and energy, the best innovations in the sectors will be rewarded.

As a means for building lasting, productive relationships and exchanging strong ideas, solutions and methodologies, WEX Global Summit hits the mark. This year’s event in the City of Gaia, in the Greater Region of Porto, Portugal will be no exception. WEX Global 2019 will play host to one of the largest gatherings of top experts and professionals from across the international water and energy sector. Featuring 80+ speakers from over 40 countries, seminars and workshops will highlight the most crucial challenges facing industry, municipalities and civil society. Attendees will have the opportunity to network and meet the right partners to take their businesses forward into new territories. Scientists, utilities, industrial water users, energy consultants, government agencies, banks, NGOs and environmental advisors; there will be an impressive array of great minds from the arenas of energy, water and wastewater.

The theme for WEX Global 2019 is Smart to Circular: Applying Intelligence to the Circular Economy in Water and Energy.

The pressure on fresh water resources worldwide is increasing substantially,” says Alison Ireland, VP of Marketing at WEX Global. “With the added factors of pollution, population increase and climate change-induced scarcity, there is a need to use the intelligence and expertise we have built and to act fast,” she adds.

WEX Global has always stressed that solutions exist in the development and implementation of a circular economy that connects the individual pillars of water, energy and waste. Strategies can be developed through the collaboration of governments, investors, NGOs and water users in agriculture, industry and cities, to match social and environmental priorities with a rational economic framework for decision making.

WEX Global also works hard on behalf of its attendees to provide new partnerships, contacts and business – so if you are a technology supplier to the water industry looking to form strong relationships with new clients, WEX is the place to go,” Alison continues.

We believe that the circular economy is an idea intrinsic to the whole concept of the water-energy nexus, and enables us to provide a framework to examine many interesting ideas such as water reuse, energy efficiency, smart technology and energy from waste which are currently at the leading edge of thinking in the water sector,” explains Mark Barker, CEO of WEX Global. “Clearly the circular economy represents both an obligation and an outstanding opportunity for many actors in the water sector,” he added.

Once again, pre-selected meetings will form the centrepiece of WEX Global, unlike the gatherings where power point presentations take precedence. WEX organisers send a complete list of attendees to delegates before the event and enable them to prioritise their choice of one-to-one meetings and seminars. A customised schedule is given to every delegate on registering at the event. The meetings typically happen in a large hall with numbered tables. The organisers monitor timelines rigorously and ensure personally that all meetings happen, and everyone gets to meet everyone – so to speak!

This year, the format will be broadly similar to previous events, but there will be more interactive round table discussions as a means of promoting higher levels of debate. A number of networking events have been lined up as usual, including the Gala Dinner, which features the WEX Global Awards ceremony to highlight the most innovative projects, technologies and companies in various categories of the water sector.

An enjoyable highlight of WEX Global is the Innovations Forum sponsored by Aqualia, which features short presentations by innovators in the water sector. The innovators are subjected to intense questioning by a panel of experts after which the best innovation is given the top award.

What really struck me is the diversity of the people at WEX – in water, power, environmental, energy consultants, end-users, utilities,” says John Belton, Infinity SDC – Program Delivery Director, who attended the 2018 version of the event.

It’s just such a vast array.” Malcolm Fabiyi, Drylet – COO & VP Operations, another delegate and sponsor from 2018 says: “WEX has a remarkable reputation in the industry as the go-to place to do significant networking and to meet with the right partners to help you move your technologies forward.

If you would like to submit your entry to the WEX Global Innovation Awards please visit WEX Global Awards and choose one of the following categories:

• Process Technology

• Water & Energy

• Water & Wastewater management

• Operations

• Infrastructure

• Technology

• Financing Partnerships

• Desalination Project Award

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First published in Asian Water Magazine:
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