BESIX Group launches its Start-Up Accelerator


BESIX Group is well aware that innovation, especially open innovation, is now a strategic issue. By creating its Accelerator, the Belgian Group has taken a new step towards greater openness and diversification, both upstream and downstream of the construction process itself.

The Accelerator began life as the internal innovation programme ‘Unleash’. With the all-round enthusiasm this ‘unleashed’, and the quality of ideas fed back from employees on the ground, BESIX teams decided to come up with an offer that better matches its own ecosystem.

BESIX Start-Ups Accelerator is a global accelerator aimed mainly at mature start-ups in the ‘Construction Technology’ (ConTech) and ‘Property Technology’ (PropTech) industries seeking sales opportunities and faster growth”, explains Jérôme Constant, Start-Ups Accelerator Manager. “They may operate in a variety of sectors such as the circular economy and sustainability, construction 4.0,  Digital Transformation, energy and treatment (air, waste, water), mobility and infrastructure, new construction materials, real estate, spatial planning, and well-being & safety at work.