2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Águas de Gaia, one of Portugal’s most valued municipal companies and proud sponsor and attendee of this year’s much-anticipated summit of WEX Global (Water & Energy Exchange). We are welcoming Miguel Lemos Rodrigues, Executive Director who will be chairing session 12 to discuss the highly important subject of ‘Turning Data into Informed Decision-Making’, along with co-panellists from leading utilities, HOFOR A/S, EPAL, Wessex Water and Metropolitana Milanese.

Founded in 1999 by the development of the existing Water and Wastewater Municipal Services of Vila Nova de Gaia in the region of Porto, the company’s primary mission is to guarantee the distribution of quality water and the drainage of wastewater produced in the municipality, on a regular and continuous basis, and with a high level of service.

Over the last two decades, Águas de Gaia has seen improvements in the form of additional service provision and the growth of the company through various schemes, including the Rivers & Streams Management 2002 scheme, Rainwater Drainage System in 2003 and Urban Solid Waste Management & Public Cleaning in 2010.

On March 22nd 2018, Águas de Gaia unveiled a new corporate brand and declared its strategy for modernisation and innovation for the future. The announcement coincided with World Water Day, to emphasise the company’s commitment to excellence and sustainability in the water sector.

Águas de Gaia employs over 300 workers who cooperate to ensure that the residents of Vila Nova de Gaia have access to safe, high-quality drinking water. Indeed, the company was recently recognised by Portugal’s largest regulator of the water and waste sector (ERSAR) for its high standards of drinking water. Águas de Gaia are proud to be an integral part of the municipality’s infrastructure and are committed to providing services that facilitate the growth of the region.

2019 marks an important point in the firm’s history, with the construction of a new centralised municipal service building nearing completion. Titled PraÇa, the centre will provide residents of Vila Nova de Gaia with a modern facility that presents numerous municipal services together. With a continuation of excellence and a vision for a sustainable future in the water sector in Portugal, Águas de Gaia aims to make the next 20 years as progressive as the last!

WEX Global 2019 takes place on 5th and 6th March in the City of Gaia of the Greater Region of Porto, Portugal (close to Porto airport), and is titled Applying Intelligence to the Circular Economy in Water & Energy. The focus is on developing and implementing the circular economy through concerted effort by governments, NGOs, investors and water users all over the world. With more than 80 speakers from over 40 countries, and conferences and workshops discussing topics ranging from “Tackling Climate Change and Building Resistance in Smart Cities” to “Smart Water Stream: Instrumentation and Control in the Water Industry”, the event looks set to address the industry’s most pressing topics.

Places at WEX Global 2019 are filling up fast, but there is still time to register your business and book tickets. Head to https://wex-global.com/register/. Attendees can meet and engage with hundreds of industry professionals from all over the world as well as participate in summits, conferences and meetings that address the challenges facing the industry. Book your place today!