Between now and 2023, we plan to invest around R$18.7 billion says Nivaldo Rodrigues of SABESP: 1 of the world´s largest Water sanitation state company!

#WexGlobal2020 new speaker: Nivaldo Rodrigues Da Costa has spent an astounding 27 years working in SABESP!  This Civil Engineer comes from Mackenzie University and went on to specialised in Basic Sanitation Engineering in São Paulo University. He has been working in operational management, with emphasis on water supply, waterloss control and in the last 3 years in wastewater treatment plants and circular economy. He is currently the Director of Sabesp wastewater, with 35 wastewater treatment plants, which handle more 18 thousand litters per second of sewage.

He will be talking to us about this experience and sharing one of the world´s largest sanitation companies with regards to its customer base.

Between 2019 and 2023, SABESP plans to invest approximately R$18.7 billion, focused on expanding water availability and security, without jeopardizing the improvements to sewage collection and treatment ratios.

ABOUT SABESP:  Sabesp is a mixed capital company that was founded in 1973,it is considered one of the world’s largest sanitation companies in terms of population served. It supplies 27.9 million people with water and provides sewage collection services to 22.8 million people.

  • Sabesp is currently responsible for supplying water,collecting and treating sewage in the 370 municipalities of São Paulo state and for around 27% of the investments in basic sanitation in Brazil.
  • As for water recycling from sewage treatment, Sabesp produces, supplies and directly sells the product through its own stations and as a partner in Aquapolo Ambiental, the biggest plant of the recycle water from south hemisphere.

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