World’s First Bio-Refinery Commodity Exchange at WEX Global 2019

    Closing the funding gap for water and renewable energy generates endless debate but few truly effective solutions. The guiding mantra has become that “the user must pay” but are tariffs based simply on consumption compatible with the values of the circular economy?


    WEX Global 2019 in association with Prana Sustainable Water (PSW) will be demonstrating an innovative working model that has the potential to make an important contribution to finance infrastructures within a true circular economy framework.


    We will examine revolutionary solutions using the latest smart technologies to ensure money follows the flow of the water in the circular economy to the benefit of people, industry, civil society, investors and policy makers.


    The transformation of wastewater treatment plants into “bio-refineries” that deliver products such as clean water, energy, fertilizers, bio-cements etc., offers a disruptive proposition to finance utilities.


    The Wastewater Reuse and Energy Exchange (W2AREX) is a matching platform developed to manage risk, encourage investment, create new water resources, raise living standards, reduce costs and enable wastewater suppliers to reap the financial benefits of bio-refining


    For the first time ever, the W2AREX will be functioning at WEX Global 2019 as a physical market place where operators of bio-refineries can meet real buyers of their products on a specially created trading floor.


    This exciting event will be complemented by the involvement of leading companies, institutions and international experts in special sessions created to examine the practicalities of making the benefits of the circular economy available to all. Combining the expertise of both financial specialists and leaders in wastewater treatment these sessions will examine:


    • Practical steps to establish a wastewater market place
    • Comparison with other wastewater infrastructure funding solutions including green bonds
    • Case Studies of real impacts
    • Wastewater valorization up and downstream of recycling prior to the infrastructure set-up
    • Wastewater value benchmarks and opportunities in the circular economy for increasing returns on investment in wastewater bio-refineries
    • The role of smart technology and digital infrastructure in achieving sustainable growth
    • The scale-up of clean technologies via the W2AREX
    • Water interdependency stress-test and storm and run-off wastewater opportunities for insurers, energy providers and other stakeholders
    • The correlation of infrastructure finance with commodity trade finance based on treated wastewater
    • Carbon emissions compensation and schemes via wastewater recycling
    • Wastewater monetization within the context of phosphorus recovery
    • Next generation bio-refineries as distribution and exchange hubs for green mobility (e.g. biofuels from algae grown on wastewater) and for vital needs


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