WEX Video Interviews

    We are pleased to share with you the Official WEX Video Interviews on the latest industry news reported by Water World at the WEX Global 2015 Summit in Istanbul last month. Newest trends, upcoming projects and burning topics are being tackled by the industry’s prominent professionals.

    1Saudi’s Solar SWRO ProjectAWT’s Dr Al-Alshaikh discusses Saudi’s 60,000 m³/day solar powered reverse osmosis project – the first large scale coupling of the two technologies… Watch video here 
    2Renewables + Desalination = a Perfect Match?The IDA’s Leon Awerbuch discusses the potential and practicalities of coupling solar power and desalination together… Watch video here 
    3Generating Biogas for Public ServicesDegremont’s Miguel Angel Sanz discusses a pilot project in France to power cars from bogas generated from wastewater… Watch video here 
    4Unlocking China’s Sludge SurplusHarald Kleiven from Cambi discusses how the company entered the Chinese sludge treatment market… Watch video here 
    5Update on the All-Gas Algae ProjectFrank Rogalla provides an update on an EU project that grows algae from wastewater for biofuels… Watch video here 
    6Water and Social Media in UgandaDr Silver Mugisha, MD of NWSC talks through developments of the utility in rolling out new services… Watch video here 
    7Retrofitting Oil Tankers as Mobile WWTPs: One Year LaterEntrepreneur Sigmund Larsen discusses challenges of turning old oil tankers into mobile water treatment facilities… Watch Video here 
    8Nutrient Recovery: The OpportunitiesPaul O’Callaghan provides insight into nutrient recovery opportunities and challenges… Watch Video here 

    For additional industry news visit : www.waterworld.com

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