Enter the WEX Awards

    The WEX GLOBAL INNOVATION AWARDS 2018 will be taking place in Lisbon, Portugal on March 13th -14th.

    The Awards are open to all companies and organisations that have made a significant contribution to the Water and Waste Water sector, with specific emphasis on environmental considerations, a sustainable future, financial resilience and innovation.

    The categories are as follows:

    1 Process Technology
    2 Water and Energy
    3 Water and/or Waste Water Management
    4 Operations
    5 Infrastructure
    6 Technology
    7 Finance/Partnerships
    8 Desalination
    9 Best Project chosen by all the WEX 2016 delegates

    If you are interested to participate click here to fill in the brochure and send it to Alison Ireland : alison@wex-global.com
    For further information or if you would like to attend WEX GLOBAL 2018 contact alison@wex-global.uk or mbarker@wex-global.com or call +44 20 311370046

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