Speaker announcement WEX 2018 – Yorkshire Water!

    Delighted to announce that Jon Brigg, Manager of Innovation and Head of Circular Economy at Yorkshire Water, will be speaking at WEX Global 2018, in Lisbon, March 13-14th.

    Jon is a deliverer of disruptive options to inform business progress, strategy and vision in customer benefit, value, resilience. Originally having started his career in agriculture, since 1992 he has worked for Yorkshire Water. With the common-sense and experience gained in a 25-year career, Jon has built and driven a programme of transformational and incremental Research and Development Innovation projects at the leading UK utility.

    In the last few weeks, Yorkshire Water has revealed a global-first technology capable of extracting four times more electricity from the treatment of sewage sludge than existing processes currently on the market, a project brought to fruition by Jon. To hear all about it and to talk to Jon, come to WEX in Lisbon!

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