SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT WEX 2018! Nuraly Baytursunov, Uzbekistan: Ministry of Housing & Communal Services

    Uzbekistan has made substantial investments in upgrading its water supply and sanitation services over the past decade, amassing the largest public borrowing portfolio for WSS projects of any country in Central Asia. Despite such progress, residents – particularly in rural areas – continue to face challenges in accessing clean and reliable water services.

    Currently the Ministry is working in partnership with the World Bank to successfully implement $268 million projects in Bukhara and Samarkand cities, as well as districts of Syrdarya and Bukhara regions to improve water supply for local population, particularly for those living in rural areas of the country. However, further technical assistance is still required to support the reform in the WSS sector.

    In Uzbekistan, the World Bank currently supports implementation of 16 projects, which are worth of around $2 billion. Those projects cover such priority areas as agriculture and water resources management, energy, transport, healthcare, education, urban development, water supply and sanitation.

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