Exclusive Gift at WexGlobal2020: Visit to the WORLD´S MOST ADVANCED DIGITAL TWIN FACILITY: #GoAigua

A digital twin is a virtual replica made in the image of a product – an aircraft turbine, the blades on a wind turbine, a building facade, etc. that incorporates data in time real that can be captured through sensors or technologies related to Big Data.Once this information has been collected, it is processed with Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning to give birth to a living representation that feels, thinks and acts.

Guess what? That is exactely what the people at #GoAigua have been doing over the last 10 years. They hired a Mathematician, a first in the Water industry. The result is they managed to algorithmetically control the flow of water in their network via the creation of living digital simulation models that update and change as their physical counterparts change.The digital representation provides both the elements and the dynamics of how an Internet of things device operates and lives throughout its life cycle

The WexGlobal team has partnered with GoAigua to give participants to this year´s event the exclusive opportunity to visit their Digital Twin Facilities, unique in the world and fully functionnal. Lucky visitors can see every water pipe in the network

Already in WexGlobal 2019, we were announcing that this was the future in Water Management (see video). At WexGlobal2020, the team at GoAigua and Global Omnium will chair an entire session dedicated to this and #DigitalTransformation in the Water sector Where Engineering Meets Scientific Discovery: How Deep Tech is Transforming Water, Energy and Smart Cities”

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About our Host & Sponsor GoAigua:”GoAigua is a pioneer company in the digitalization of the water industry. We are the result of the digitalization of Global Omnium, a company with more than 125 years of experience in integral water cycle management.” www.go-aigua.com