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About WEX Global

5th-6th March 2019

Now in its 12th successful year, WEX Global has continued to build a great reputation as an important meeting place for top people in the leading organisations that are really making a difference in the world of water and energy. 

WEX GLOBAL is an action oriented summit which places business meetings at its heart. A programme of pre-selected mutually agreed one to one meetings are combined with an outstanding conference of internationally renowned expert speakers and numerous other networking opportunities such as themed lunches, a gala dinner and other receptions. It is a unique opportunity to form strong international business partnerships at a single exclusive location.  Every delegate receives a personalised agenda which means that at WEX, you will shorten your sales cycle with a top down selling approach that initiates relationships directly with senior decision makers.

Would you like to register to the WEX Global summit but don’t know what are the next steps? There are different options available for attendance. The package available for you and your company to attend WEX Global depends on whether you are a supplier or a delegate. To find out click this link.


6 reasons you should attend WEX Global


  • Reduce the average cost of new business development because we do the groundwork, in contacting decision makers and arranging your meeting schedule, so that you can focus on the business
  • Reduce and consolidate your travel and entertainment expenses by bringing real decision makers to you in an exclusive captive environment in the WEX GLOBAL hotel
  • The opportunity to select your meetings which are prioritised over requests from other delegates at WEX Global
  • A structured bespoke schedule based on your choices which ensures you know exactly who you will be meeting even before you leave for WEX
  • Gain in-depth insight into how you can develop and improve your product by spending 3 days with people who really matter
  • Accomplish 6-12 months of standard sales efforts in just 3 days


What are the topics tackled at WEX?


WEX attracts a wide range of high level executives, with both commercial and technical backgrounds, working in both the public and private sector. This diversity is reflected in the conference programme. Various separate conference streams include sessions of critical importance to water and energy professionals. Among them:

  • Government Policy, Regulation and the Circular Economy
  • Water Cycle Management and Water Reuse
  • Building Resilience in the Water Sector
  • Integrating Action on Water, Energy and Waste in the Circular Economy
  • Phosphorous Recovery and Nutrient Removal in the Water Cycle
  • Membranes, Nano – Filtration and the Fourth Industrial Revolution:
  • Energy Positive Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Bio Solids Management and the Circular Economy
  • Water Quality, Waste Stream Reduction, and Energy Efficiency in Industrial Operations
  • Improving Wastewater Management Practices in Manufacturing Operations
  • Desalination and Re-Use Technologies
  • The Innovations Forum at WEX Global
  • Innovative Financing the 4th Industrial Revolution in the Water Sector
  • Smart Cities
  • Protecting Water Utilities against Cyber –Attack
  • Water Industry Process Control and Automation –The Challenges and Benefits of Smart Data
  • Improving Water and Wastewater Asset Management Using Intelligent Monitoring Solutions
  • Regional Business Forums : Asia, The Middle East, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, The Caribbean, Latin America
  • Each Forum will examine:
  • Key policies for adaptation to climate change and population growth to maintain sustainability.
  • What do they mean for the future of the water, wastewater and energy industry?
  • Effectiveness of the local regulatory frameworks and institutions
  • The importance of recognising the strategic importance of water and “co-creating “ solutions
  • What are the most effective technologies currently driving forward the development of utilities in the region?
  • Developments towards water 4.0
  • Financing challenges –Investment, Procurement Routes, Tariffs, Role of IFI’s

Whatever your background, you will find WEX to be an invaluable source of the latest business intelligence and technical knowledge, whether obtained from our expert speakers or in one to one meetings with your peers from around the world.

How is my personalised schedule prepared?

Before WEX begins you will be contacted by our team and asked to select which conference sessions you wish to attend, and which of your fellow delegates you would like to meet.

Our software prepares your schedule in advance of WEX, based on your own requests and those of your fellow delegates. All meetings are pre-qualified so there is no onus on you to accept a meeting that you don’t want. Your individual agenda also ensures there is no clash with your chosen conference sessions.

Most importantly, you will know who you will meet even before you board your flight, giving you plenty of time for preparation!

What other networking opportunities are there?

Whatever your reasons for attending WEX whether it be to meet and exchange information with industry leaders, to listen and to learn or to create new business opportunities for your company the unique WEX formula will enable you to network with potential partners, expert speakers, colleagues, and decision makers according to your priorities.

In addition to the formal business meetings, there are also two networking lunches, a Gala Dinner, cocktail receptions and an optional site visit. All together they represent a brilliant opportunity to spend informal, invaluable time with your peers in the water industry.

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